Being Deployed AND You Have To Move?: How Out-Of-State Moving Services Can Help

Posted on: 7 March 2016

Making the military your career means that you may have to move frequently. Deployment, relocation to other military bases and transfers to receive promotions are frequently the causes for military families to pack up and move. If this is your first military deployment and you are informed that your family needs to move closer to another base in another state, you may be scrambling to figure it out before you leave the country. Here is how out-of-state moving companies and service providers can help.

Extra Help at the Last Minute

You are getting ready to leave the country and serve it in war time. Your spouse and any children you may have are dealing with two major events; your departure and packing to move. You need to be focused on your mission, but your spouse needs more help. Moving companies can send extra movers to help at the last minute. Some of them already provide military families with a few extra hands, but if you and your spouse are struggling to make both events happen in the time you have been given, then the moving companies may send extra hands to help. You only have to ask and present your military ID.

Short-Term Storage Solutions

Sometimes the military will move you to one state for only a few months to a couple of years and then move you back to your home state again. If you do not want to take absolutely everything with you when you know that you will just be moving back again, your movers might have some short-term storage solutions that can can help. They can put as much or as little of your personal belongings in a storage unit they own and keep it safe for you until you want some or all of it moved back into your home.

Discounts for Military Families Who Have to Move Far Away

Some out-of-state moving companies cater specifically to military personnel and their immediate families. They can make a move a little less stressful by making it less expensive. When you are searching for movers to help you relocate, ask them if they offer special discounts to military families. Some may also offer a discount when you have move several states away or out of the country completely. This is also a nice benefit to have if you know you will be moving more than once in any given year. Visit for more information.