Before The Movers Arrive: 3 Essential Items You Need For Your Moving Day

Posted on: 29 June 2022

Are you ready for your next move? You've hired movers, have a tower of cardboard boxes in the garage, and have stockpiled tape and bubble wrap. What else could you possibly need? Even if you already have the basics, you should take a look at the other essentials that can make your move easier and cleaner.

Permanent Markers

The washable markers your child uses for their art projects aren't the best choice for labeling moving boxes. As the name says, these markers are made for an easy cleanup. While this can help you to remove stray marks from clothing or other items, it can also make your move a challenge.

Not only could the labels you carefully write smudge and wash away on a rainy day, but the marks can also transfer onto the movers' hands or clothing. Instead of risking the mess washable markers could cause, choose the permanent version. Even though these markers won't easily run or wash away, they do require time to dry. Label your boxes or bins the night before the move. This gives the markers time to dry and can reduce the likelihood of smudges.

Color- and Acid-Free Packing Paper

Packing paper provides a barrier between delicate items and can fill empty spaces in moving boxes. But if you choose the wrong type of paper, you could put some of your prized possessions at risk. 

Newspaper is a low-cost option that may seem like the best choice. Unlike color- and acid-free packing paper, the ink on newspaper can easily transfer onto almost anything. If you need to wrap fine china, knick-knacks, or other breakables, choose a color- and acid-free paper that is specifically made for packing purposes. 

Plastic Bins With Lids

The cardboard box is one of the most popular moving container choices—especially when it's free. You may already have boxes leftover from large appliance or electronics purchases. If you don't have the containers, it's possible you could score more than a few free boxes from a local grocery or other similar retail store.

Even though cardboard boxes are free, these containers are often flimsy. A box that breaks mid-move could cause a major mess in the moving truck. It could also leave your belongings broken on the floor of the truck, the sidewalk, or almost anywhere else. If you have heavier items to pack, swap out boxes for heavy-duty plastic bins. These containers are less likely to break and (when paired with a tight-fitting lid) can also keep everything safe on a rainy moving day. 

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