Supplies You Need To Make Moving Things In And Out Of Storage Easier

Posted on: 11 October 2016

Whether you are moving, clearing space in your home for renovation, or simply wanting to reorganize your home, renting a storage unit to safely house your belongings short or long term is a great idea. Placing all those boxes and bags of items can be difficult, especially if you are moving on your own or items are very heavy. Here are some supplies you need to help make moving things in and out of storage so much easier.


A ramp (or wide board plank) comes in handy when placing or removing larger items, such as a dresser or couch, through the back of a vehicle. You can rent a ramp from a moving company or use one that you have already for loading recreational ATVs or dirt bikes.


A dolly is useful for heavy items that are difficult to move on their own. This includes full boxes, washers and dryers, furniture pieces, or even rolled carpets. A dolly eliminates the need for using your own body weight to lift and haul items to and from your vehicle and in and out of the storage unit. If you already have items in storage and need to have them rearranged or removed, a dolly is convenient in re-situating your belongings so you can keep things organized.

Packing items

Fragile items, such as knick knacks, collectibles, glassware, or other smaller treasures, can be at risk for breakage when being transported. It's a great idea to have packing peanuts or foam, bubble wrap, moving paper (thick brown paper for wrapping around individual items) and newspaper for stuffing into boxes and keeping these items safe. This way, you can safely pack all your fragile belongings in storage bins or boxes without worry.

If you don't have time to buy packing items, you can put clothing you plan on storing to good use by taking individual clothing items and wrapping items in them. Socks are excellent for stuffing tiny trinkets into to keep them safe.


If you are hauling your belongings in the back of a pickup truck, you will want a tarp (and rope to hold it down) to keep your items safe from the wind and weather. You can also use painter's plastic if you don't have a tarp, or even tuck large, thick garbage bags around exposed items in a pinch.

Moving items in and out of storage can be made much easier with the right supplies. Whether you improvise and use what you have on-hand or utilize the tools your local moving company has to offer, you can make your storage unit experience much more enjoyable with the right supplies. For more information, visit a site like