Benefits Of Using Local Movers And When To Check-In With Other Companies

Posted on: 1 August 2023

Using a local moving company for a relocation brings many benefits, whether you are moving to a nearby community or across the country. Proximity can bring reduced rates for a move of any distance, and local expertise may payoff if in hard-to-navigate locations or congested neighborhoods. Contracting with a local firm also provides an opportunity to collect first-hand testimonials or recommendations from friends and family before signing up.

Save Money

Price can be one of the bigger perks for using local movers, particularly for moves to a nearby location. Moving contracts often feature fixed rates used to establish base pricing and variable fees added for mileage over a certain point or any extra labor hours required to complete a job. Local movers providing regional services may feature a deal for moves in a certain radius, and these can either reduce or eliminate variable rates for distance, making it easier to plan exactly how much a move costs from the beginning. Local firms may also have greater flexibility for negotiating a lower rate due to the types or quantity of items being moved. Cash discounts, repeat customer rates or referral bonuses are also a possibility.  

Experience with Local Moves

Moves in population-dense areas or into highly-regulated communities, such as a gated neighborhood or a planned community, can be more complex than basic loading and unloading at each home site. Urban areas may regulate the amount of time a moving truck can sit on the street or where it can park while unloading. Regulations in planned neighborhoods or areas governed by a homeowner's association often function the same way. Local movers have experience navigating these areas and are better able to operate within ordinances or guidelines without your direct assistance.

Potential Downsides to Using Local Movers

It's always a great idea to shop around when planning a move. A chain moving company may be able to offer better base pricing on supplies and labor due to having a larger volume of business for absorbing costs, and this could offset any local discounts. For cross-country moves, national or regional companies could have more experience with long drives and the logistics of hauling across state lines, but it isn't a given. Ask your local movers questions about their experience coordinating a move over a specific distance to get a feel for which business would be the better fit. Always ask about insurance and customer protection when you contact any company for quotes. Larger concerns could have more robust policies in place to protect your possessions in the event of a wreck or other accident.