Time To Move The Piano? 5 Steps To Move It Safely

Posted on: 15 March 2016

It's time to move. If you have a piano to move, it's going to take some special consideration. Unfortunately, you can't just push your piano out the door and into the moving truck. Your piano will need to be carefully prepared for moving, or you'll risk damaging the valuable instrument. Before you get started, take a look at these step-by-step instructions that will help you prepare your piano for moving.

Shut the Lid

When preparing your piano for moving, the first thing you should do is shut the lid. You're not just going to shut the lid like you would on an ordinary day, though. You'll need several sheets of craft felt for this portion of the prep work. Place a sheet of felt in each corner of the piano and then carefully set the lid down. The felt should fit snugly at each corner. Once in place, the felt will prevent the lid from bouncing up and down during transport.

Remove the Extras

Once you have the lid shut, you'll be ready to move on to the extras. Take a look at your piano. All those extra appendages will need to be removed. If they're left in place, they'll take the brunt of the damage during the move. Carefully remove the lyre and all other small pieces that can be safely removed. Wrap them in protective cloth and pack them in a storage box for protection.

Pad it well

Your piano will need to be well-padded for the move. You can use either thick blankets or professional moving pads for this portion of the preparation. Carefully place the blankets or pads over the piano. Be sure they're large enough to drape over the sides of the piano. It's important to note that professional moving pads provide the most protection because they have a non-slip surface that helps them stay in place.

Go Extreme with the Shrink Wrap

Finally, you're going to go crazy with the professional grade shrink wrap – which you can get at any packing supply store. Wrap the entire piano with shrink wrap. Use as much shrink wrap as possible to ensure proper protection during the move. In fact, a good way to ensure that it's wrapped tightly is to go two more times around once you think you have enough.

Know When to Call for Help

If you've gotten started and realized that you're over your head, it's not too late to call for professional help. Professional piano movers, like Extreme Piano Moving, know exactly what to do to transport your piano safely. Even if you want to take care of the rest of the move by yourself, you can still alleviate some of the pressure by letting the professionals take care of your piano. 

If your move involves a piano, you want to make sure it's moved properly. The tips provided here will help ensure that your piano arrives at your new location safely.